Makita Laser Distance Measure

The rate and level of complexity that new hand held technologies are now coming available, is nothing short of amazing. So after recently trying out a new Makita laser distance measure, I have but one comment to make, and that is “what will they come up with next”?

How Does the Device Work?

The first thing I had to know was how the thing worked, so I set about doing the research to find out. It turns out that as complex as the technology is, the way the thing functions is quite simple. It basically measures the time it takes for the light from the beam to leave the device and bounce back.

The Makita Laser Measure Does All the Work for You

This eliminates measuring tape inaccuracies because there’s no tape bending, loose tip or unreliable set of hands holding the tape at the other end. Just point and shoot, and the measurement is displayed in metrics or distance between cities┬ástandard terms, and also automatically logged, so there’s no more need for a pencil and paper.

It Performs Several Calculations

It gets way better than that though. For instance, the Makita laser measure also performs several calculation tasks, like coming up with square or cubic volumes. In fact it can even determine length of the slope of a right triangle. It’s called the Pythagoras function.

If Pythagoras Only Knew What it All Would Lead to

Pythagoras was a mathematician who lived a few centuries back, who came up a very clever mathematic formula for determining the length of the hypotenuse of any right triangle. It’s called the Pythagorean theorem. A squared, plus B squared, equals C squared.

The Length of the Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle

If it all sounds too confusing, just think of it this way. If a carpenter needs to determine the length of a roof rafter, without climbing up a ladder and dangling off the ridge while holding a tape, he now has another option. He can use the Makita tape measure to determine the distances to the middle of the building, and to the ridge.

Tons of Uses on Today’s Construction Site

That’s all he needs because with those two lengths, this device can spit out the length of his rafter because that is the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle. Also that same carpenter can use the device to quickly and easily take any number of other measurements across large open spaces that used to require a ladder and extra set of hands.

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