However, there are people who do not mind investing a bit more for getting this unique and exquisite accessory. You can expect its price to be ranging from 50$ to 100$ and some designer varieties costs more than 600$.

If you take a careful look at the knitting of the Ovcio, you will understand that the weave is very tight so as to enhance the durability. If however, you want extra warmth and durability, you can go for that cashmere which are made of yarn and is double plied. These also have the less possibility of getting holes. However, not all cashmere is of the same quality and so you will have to be a bit careful while purchasing it.

When you are gifting your friend this ethical cashmere scarf and the lady lavishly wraps up the scarf around her shoulders, you will feel the warmth of her hug and the price will then not matter to you much. If taken proper care, it will really be a gift to be cherished and this can be passed on to the next generation.

Therefore it is always recommended to get the cashmere scarf dry cleaned instead of getting it washed at home. Along with the softness, the color will also stay for longer periods of time.

Cashmere socks also provide great warmth and protect the feet. They have to be washed after every wear and this should be done by using cold water and a diluted washing powder. Lie it flat to dry. This will not make the socks go out of shape.

Both cashmere scarf and cashmere socks are so small that it can be easily sent through mail without much cost. Your friend or the receiver will simply be glad to receive this gift.

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